Aug. 1st, 2016

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White Collar has featured some spectacular and very memorable villains. Some have ostensibly been on the "right" side of the law, like Ruiz, Philip Kramer and Garrett Fowler, others have been season-long "big bads" like Vincent Adler, Matthew Keller, Curtis Hagen, Rebecca Lowe/Rachel Turner, Terrence Pratt, and Alan Woodford. And there have been the memorable one-shots, like Ryan Wilkes, Edward Walker, Andy Woods, Avery Philips and Ford Tolman.

As with recommendations for the June Theme, the fanwork you rec should feature the villain – not just mention him or her in passing. The fanwork doesn't have to be about<> that character, but the character should have a major role in the fanwork.

Remember - you can recommend one of your fanworks for the theme and the fanwork must be at least six months old (i.e., published before February 2015), but the older the fanwork, the better.

You can always recommend as many fanworks from other creators as you want to (but do check to see that they haven't yet been rec'd here on [ profile] wcredux), and they must also be at least six month old.

Please use this posting template:

Posts for this theme will be open until August 31. Early next month, your mods will collect the recommendations and add them to the master list.

Please don't hesitate to contact a mod if you have any questions.


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