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Sometimes, the old stories are the best…

Someone once said that the average fanwork has a shelf-life of twenty-four hours – a pretty damning, but a very much true statement. We work on our stories and art pieces for weeks, sometimes months, and once we post them, the clock runs very quickly. Some of us have a few tricks to extend the life of a story: we’ll post to our journals first, and then to the relevant communities and maybe a week or so later, to AO3.

But once that’s done, the fic (and by fic, we mean any fanwork) really lives in the memories of you, the creator, and if you’re lucky, on someone’s list of bookmarks. Sometimes, someone does a meme and you talk about a fic that had meaning for you and you might get a flurry of fresh eyes on it, but those memes are few and far between.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wished there was a way to bring your stories back into the light of day. While there is an active fic search community, writers are sometimes hesitant to self-rec. There’s also a rec’ing community for White Collar fic, but that one explicitly prohibits self-recommendations.

[livejournal.com profile] wcredux has been created by fanworks creators for creators of fanworks of all sorts to joyfully and unabashedly recommend their own creations. Of course, you can recommend works by other creators, but we really want you to recommend what you think is the best of your own works.

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