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Sometimes, the Old Stories Are The Best

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Name: White Collar Redux - The Community for Recommendations
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White Collar Redux Community

Sometimes, the old stories are the best…

Someone once said that the average fanwork has a shelf-life of twenty-four hours – a pretty damning, but a very much true statement. We work on our stories and art pieces for weeks, sometimes months, and once we post them, the clock runs very quickly. Some of us have a few tricks to extend the life of a story: we’ll post to our journals first, and then to the relevant communities and maybe a week or so later, to AO3.

But once that’s done, the fic (and by fic, we mean any fanwork) really lives in the memories of you, the creator, and if you’re lucky, on someone’s list of bookmarks. Sometimes, someone does a meme and you talk about a fic that had meaning for you and you might get a flurry of fresh eyes on it, but those memes are few and far between.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wished there was a way to bring your stories back into the light of day. While there is an active fic search community, writers are sometimes hesitant to self-rec. There’s also a rec’ing community for White Collar fic, but that one explicitly prohibits self-recommendations.

wcredux has been created by fanworks creators for creators of fanworks of all sorts to joyfully and unabashedly recommend their own creations. Of course, you can recommend works by other creators, but we really want you to recommend what you think is the best of your own works.

The rules are simple:

1 – Any fanwork you rec has to be complete;

2 – Such fanworks have to be at least six (6) months old;

3 – Your recommended fanwork has to be related to the monthly theme (more about that below) or one of the week-long Special Themes (also, more below) or one of the week-long pop-up themes (also, more below);

4 – Each month, you can recommend one work for the monthly theme, one work for a week-long Special Theme and one for any of the week-long pop-up themes;

5 – You haven’t already recommended it on this community.


There are three types of themes: Monthly themes that are fixed and will repeat each year (which is why we're limiting contributors to one rec per month, so that we don't run out of recs at the end of the first year), special week-long themes that celebrate a date specific to White Collar, and random week-long themes that can pop up at any time.

Monthly Themes

January: First Times
February: Romance and Schmoop
March: Hurt/Comfort
April: Humor and Crack
May: Friendship
June: Any fics featuring June (D'oh) or other secondary characters (i.e., anyone other than Peter, Neal, Elizabeth or Mozzie)
July: All Hot and Bothered - Smexy Stories
August: All Villains, All The Time
September: Back to Work - Case Fics
October: Spooky Fics
November: Family and Domesticity Stories
December: Winter and Holiday fics

Special Week Themes:

The Week of March 21 (Neal’s Birthday): Neal-as-child or Kid!Neal stories
The Week of August 25 (Peter’s Birthday): Stories about Peter Burke
The Week of November 11 (Sara’s Birthday): Stories about Sara Ellis
The Week of December 7 (Neal’s Arrest): Prison Fic and Arrest Stories

Week-Long Pop-up Themes:

These themes will pop up at random throughout the year. Some will be repeated, some won’t – depending on their popularity. Also, we’ll run polls throughout the year to find out what type of stories you want to rec that aren’t covered in the monthly themes.

● Cuddles
● Varieties of Hurt/Comfort
● Rec-a-'verse
● A/Us
● Deathfic
● Crossovers
● Food
● Epics

User Name Tags and Achievement Badges

User name tagging for contributions isn’t automatic. When you’ve posted entries for three (3) consecutive months, you will earn a tag with your user name (BY: USERNAME), which the mods will apply to all past entries and you’ll be able to use on future entries.

We’re toying with the idea of giving out achievement badges. Some people like them, some people don’t. You don’t have to work towards achievement badges to participate in the community. They'll be an optional extra and if you don’t want badges, just alert a mod and you won’t be given one. If and when we do decide to implement a badging/rewards system, we’ll let you know and provide all the excruciating details.

How to Post

When you want to rec, open up a new post in the community and use cut and paste this posting template for your recommendation:


“Content Notes” include warnings, kinks and potential triggers. Warn for any text or imagery that might reasonably be considered disturbing for readers and never post that kind of content outside a cut. If you would prefer not to use warnings, we would like your post to state that you’re choosing not to warn for the content of your work.

Do not warn for slash.


We’ve created the basic tag set which can be used by anyone posting. If you don’t want to tag your recommendations, we’ll tag for you. Also, if you need a non-username tag, please use the “Mod: Help! I Need a Tag” tag and include the requested tag in your post. If you have earned a username tag, please use the “Mod: Can I Have a Username Tag?” tag, and we’ll do our homework and create one for you if earned.

Public Service Announcement

The White Collar community here on LJ has always been a wank-free zone. Let’s keep it that way.

1 - If someone recs a fanwork you don’t like, for whatever reason, please feel free to keep your opinions to yourself. Conversely, if you really love a story, then tell the world (or at least the community) in a comment to the recommendation posting.

2 - If you feel that a story is rec’d inappropriately (i.e., it’s not in keeping with the theme), then PM one of the mods. Don’t take it upon yourself to chastise the rec’er, either in private or in a comment to the post.

3 – If you don’t like a theme, then don’t participate that month. Simple as that. No need to let us know that something isn’t to your taste.

To summarize Rules 1, 2, and 3 - Don't be a dick.

4 – If you have a suggestion for a theme or a way to improve the community, please let the mods know.

Promoting the Community

If you wish to promote this community, please cut and paste the following into your journal entry:


Your moderators are:


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